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Request for Proposals

For Signage Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Interpretative Signage


The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd.

Canadian Potato Museum

The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd. (Canadian Potato Museum) is requesting proposals for the award for Design-Fabrication and installation of Interpretative Signage.  The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd. (Canadian Potato Museum) shall approve the award of this contract based on the evaluation criteria in this RFP along with the help of an Evaluation Committee.  Responses to this RFP will be used during the evaluation process to select and negotiate with a qualified firm to deliver the described product.

This RFP does not commit The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd. to enter into a contract, nor make a selection of a vendor.  The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd. reserves the right at its sole discretion to make a selection, to reject any or all submissions, issues subsequent RFP, and to enter into a contract for all or some of the services/products described in this RFP.


Proposals must be received by:

January 14, 2021 at 4:00pm

Either by mail or email

The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd.

P.O. Box 602

1 Dewar Lane

O’Leary, PEI

C0B 1V0



Proposals received after the time and date established will not be considered.

The Proposals will NOT be opened publicly but opened by the Evaluation Committee and reviewed prior to a possible selection.

Statement of Work and Bid Requirements:


The O’Leary Potato Museum and Library Association, also known as the Canadian Potato Museum, is a not for profit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors and a Manager who runs the museum and oversees the employees.  The Canadian Potato Museum is now an important destination to Western Prince Edward Island.  This 21,000 sq ft facility has gained national and international attention for its portrayal of the humble potato. 

Accolades include:

The Premiers Award, TIAPEI awards, CNN naming the Canadian Potato Museum one of the top 11 food museums in the world, Discovery channel’s Daily Planet filmed making musical instruments from potatoes and shooting potatoes from homemade potato cannon into French fries, featured several times in the Globe & Mail, and yearly school visits with guided tours and youth programs.

In 1967, before the start of the Potato Museum, the building existed as a small local community museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing local history from the area.  The vision of a group of dedicated volunteers set their sights on developing a potato museum with dreams of farming equipment, story-telling and history of the industry laid out for visitors to come and be educated. 

In 1993, The Prince Edward Island Potato Museum opened its doors to the public.  With the passing of time the museum did a rebranding and in 2012 was renamed, The Canadian Potato Museum with a larger kitchen serving potato based menu, a larger gift shop and improved interpretation for the humble potato.  Since the rebranding, the museum has had steady increases in visitation over the years and in 2019 had just under 14,000 visitors.

In 2010, an addition to the museum was constructed in order to preserve, display antique machinery and tools used in PEI.  The doors to the Antique Farm Machinery Museum opened in 2011.

The Canadian Potato Museum mission is to preserve the history of O’Leary & Area, to showcase the evolution of the potato, through the equipment and implements used to develop a very strong industry on Prince Edward Island, and farming equipment by preserving, and displaying artifacts/equipment from the past.

The museum houses the following and will be the focus of the interpretative panels

The “Amazing Potato Exhibit” along with the “Potato Interpretative Center” which takes you on “a journey through time, learning about the potato from its beginning as a wild food source in South America, to the fourth largest commercial crop in the world.”  Many visitors come from all over the world each year to enjoy this unique experience.

The “Antique Farming Equipment” room, which includes a recreation carriage shop and numerous threshers.  Among the threshers is the “first thresher ever made by Thomas Hall founder of Hall’s Manufacturing Ltd. in Summerside, P.E.I.” which, for Canadian potato enthusiasts, is rather a big deal.

The Amazing Potato Exhibit and the Antique Farming Equipment will be the focus of the interpretative panel updates. 

The history of the Antique Farming Equipment will be provided for each of the identified pieces of equipment.

Particulars Signage Services Outline for Key Deliverables

The purpose of this Request for proposal (RFP) is to procure signage services for The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd., also known as Canadian Potato Museum.  The Museum will require a range of services from signage firms, which hereafter may be referred to as “Consultants” and/or “Proponents, including but not limited stakeholder consultations, general consulting, design, fabrication and installation.

Both interior and exterior signage is required.  The Antique Farm Equipment will require interpretative panels to identify the brands of antique machinery etc., along with a short history (provided) and bilingual translation.  Identify and update exterior signage with better wayfinding.  Update signage in the existing Potato Museum.  Information to be provided.

Outline of proposed work as follows:


Review of everything in the Potato and Antique Farm Machinery museum and collection, along with themes and messaging so that the visitor experience is enhanced.

Interpretative panel updates to the Potato and Antique Farm Equipment Museums, both in English & French, (some of this work is created but needs consistency in messaging and graphics so everything flows together from the Potato Museum to the Antique Farm Equipment Museum, as they are in different additions of the building).

Interactive Multimedia experiences

Signage for Country Potato kitchen, Gift shop and other areas as permitted within budget that will enhance the interpretation and overall experience, and take into consideration COVID.


  • Directional Signage coming onto Parkview Avenue

  • Signage to Entrance of the museum

  • Front Façade

Develop, design concept, fabricate, wording and translation (where needed), so it has a consistent message, graphics, crafted texts to engage and inform visitors, and proper positioning of text and imaging, and installation of the following:


Design Concept, fabrication and installation for each of the line items listed below:

  • Outdoor Signage                                                                    

  • Potato Museum Interpretative panels                                              

  • Antique Farm Machinery Museum panels                                        

  • Interactive multimedia experiences                                                  

  • Interior signage for Country Potato Kitchen and Boutique                  

  • Budget not to exceed $135,000, excluding taxes.


Proposals out to tender                         December 30, 2020

Deadline for tenders                              January 14, 2021

Evaluation of submissions                   January 15, 2021

Awarding of contract                            January 15, 2021

Site visit                                                Week of January 18, 2021

Design Phase                                         January 18, 2021

Final Design                                           March 15, 2021

Interpretative Panels Production        March 19, 2021

Installation                                            April 19, 2021

Finish Project Date                                April 30, 2021 

Suggested Summital Information

Proposed format:

Proposals must be typewritten and must be attached to the Base Submissions Form supplied.

Proposed Signage Systems and Installation Information:

  • *  Proposed Pricing

  • *  Product specifications

  • *  Warranty and service information

  • *  Nearest installation of recent signage projects

Outline of Team members

Outline the proposed team members, their experience and role(s) in getting the scope of work completed.

Approach and Methodology

Outline a work plan that demonstrates the understanding of what needs to be done and identifies the step-step phased process to complete the work, composition of design-build team and expectations from the client team.

Proposed Project Schedule and Timeline:

*Guaranteed schedule and completion date to be determined between parties, but under no conditions will the final installation be later than April 30, 2020.

List of References

Provide three (3) references of the public or private entities having done work for previously in terms of the size and type of project outlines above to demonstrate the quality and ability to perform the work successfully.  Information should include name of contact, contact phone number and date of service for reference.

Click here to download Base Proposal Submission Form 

Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Committee shall evaluate submitted proposals on the following criteria:


  • Final Pricing

  • Design, fabrication and installation schedule

  • Conditions of pricing, if any

Time of Delivery:

The selected firm must be able to complete the project by an established date between the parties, but no later than April 30, 2021.


Project Plan, to be developed with The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd.

Contractor is responsible to comply with any/all required permits required by local authorities and ordinances.


Detailed sequence/schedule of work, starting and ending dates for each activity.


Remove and transport debris in a manner that will prevent spillage on adjacent surfaces and areas.

Clean adjacent areas of dust, dirt and debris caused by installation.  Return adjacent areas to condition reasonably acceptable to The O’Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association Ltd.


Firm and Project History:

Selected firm’s previous history and recently completed similar signage jobs



As provided by the submitter


Conformance to Proposal Requirements:

Proposals must conform to the requirements of the RFP.

The following is an overview of the categories and weighting for the rated criteria of the RFP

Proponents who do not meet a minimum threshold score for a category will not proceed


Rated Criteria Category Weighting (Points) Minimum Threshold Expertise and Qualification, including:

Project team                                                                               25 points

Understanding of the overall project, proposed approach and schedule to complete the work.                                                                                                                                                      20 points 


Ability to Provide Full Scope of Signage Services                   15 points

References and Related Project Experience                            15 points

Pricing                                                                                        25 points


The O’Leary Potato Museum & Library Association Ltd. reserves the right to award the contract to the consultant of their choice based on the above noted criteria.  The lowest, nor any bidder, has any entitlement to award other than through the process.  The client accepts no responsibility for expenses incurred in connection with the bid.